Candela Systems Corporation has been at the forefront of the lighting industry with more than 30 years experience.

Here is a list of the types of projects we have completed for a wide range of clients.

LightEnergy Conservation / Lighting Upgrades / Retrofit

Upgrade / Retrofit projects involve modifying a lighting system to lower costs and improve the performance of the lighting system. The desired outcome of this type of project is to keep the original lighting design but replace luminaries with those that yield greater conservation.The benefits of Energy Lighting Upgrades include the following:

  • Up to a 70% reduction of your electricity consumption
  • Improved light quality and lower maintenance costs
  • Yielding utility rebates worth 30%
Energy Management Systems

Energy management systems (EMS) conserve energy by adjusting operating hours and/or cycling equipment. EMS devices range from the integration of simple on/off time clocks that control a single system, to sophisticated computerized controls that manage all the energy-consuming systems in a building.
EMS cost savings varies according to the amount being controlled. The industry averages show that these systems will help reduce energy costs 10% to 30% with payback periods usually less than two years.

Examples of different types of EMS Systems include:

  • Time-of-Day Scheduling System
  • Temperature/Time Optimization
  • Demand Control Systems
08062014-254Egress Lighting

Egress lighting is the route determined by safety experts to be the quickest and safest way out of the building in times of emergency. Building safety code regulations require that the path be well lit when an emergency hits. Lighting the way in an emergency is an important responsibility and we have extensive experience installing effective egress lighting systems.

Stage and Theatrical Lighting Systems

Whether it is a stage production or a fashion show, lighting plays a major part in the success of any theatrical production. Candela Systems Corporation has the experience to install the specialized lighting systems needed to make your event both glamorous and green.

Did You Know Candela Systems Corporation has a program that allows you to pay for your project?
Project Financing is available through Candela Systems Corporation partnerships. Find out how you can structure a 60-month payment plan that is less than the monthly energy savings gained from your program.Contact Us Today to Learn More!
Parking Lot Lighting Systems

Your customer’s shopping experience begins in the parking lot. The parking lot / parking garage needs to ensure your customers and employees of their safety. We work with you to establish the specifics needed to create a parking lot lighting system that will monitor the status of your parking area lighting levels. Proper lighting ensures that nothing prevents potential shoppers from entering your stores.

Office Lighting

Older office lighting systems may be inappropriate for today’s computer screens. By upgrading your office lighting systems, you can have an impact on your staff’s productivity and maximize your opportunities for cost effective upgrades.

retailRetail Lighting

Customer satisfaction may start in the parking lot, but sales start in the building. Your retail lighting project can set the mood to inspire your customers to spend time browsing and buying. Retail buildings use a broad range of lighting systems from high end incandescent lighting to fluorescent strips. Our extensive experience can help you set the tone with your retail lighting system.

General Commercial Electrical Work

Candela Systems Corporation can be contracted to install all lighting systems or to provide you with our expertise in commercial electrical work. Commercial Electrical work ranges from adding low voltage communications jacks or general power outlets to full electrical renovations up to and including Electrical services. From small facilities to large industrial plants we do it all.