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Certified Occupational Safety Specialist® Program (COSS®)

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Coss_LogoCOSS® is a training program designed by safety professionals for the entry level person, or for the experienced safety person who needs a refresher on safety. Its main objective is to equip employees who have safety and health responsibilities, with the core competencies they must master to be successful in occupational safety and health. The COSS® program provides students with focused and relevant content that is enforced with concentrated learning activities. Unlike other safety designations, where there is no training involved, the curriculum-based format of the COSS® program involves hands-on, in-class, instructor-led training. Students testify to the value of the training they receive; instead of simply “testing into the designation”, they feel like they worked hard to earn it.

The heart of the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist® Program (COSS®) is the solid foundation built on learning to read and apply the OSHA safety and training requirements in 29 CFR 1910 and 1926.

COSS® is designed to be an in-depth set of learning modules that equip workers with the core competencies of occupational safety and health for the Chemical, Construction, Energy, Engineering, Fire, Food, Government, Human Resources, Health, Medical, Municipal, Oil and Gas, Security, Shipyard, Transportation and Utility fields.

COSS® graduates will be able to:

  • Determine the true cost of accidents.
  • Calculate total recordable incident rates.
  • Search company and public records to assess where the likelihood of an accident may lie.
  • Master the use of the CFRs (both construction and general industry).
  • Identify hazards, determine regulatory requirements, implement corrective actions and train personnel in changes that are required.
  • Perform risk analyses for key jobs and processes.
  • Perform complete accident investigations.
  • Develop and implement a safety audits and inspections program.
  • Communicate corporate safety initiatives and goals.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain company safety plans and manuals.
  • Achieve OSHA “competent person” status.

COSS® is nationally recognized and endorsed by:

  • American Association of Safety Councils (AASC) — an international association of safety councils: AASC has reviewed the COSS® up materials, instructional methods, policies and procedures and officially endorses the program.
  • American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) — the certifying body for construction education for colleges, universities and technical/trade schools: COSS® is the only non-degree program to receive this national endorsement.
  • Louisiana State University (LSU): LSU has established COSS® as a mandatory course for all individuals pursuing a degree in Construction Management.
  • Columbia Southern University (CSU): CSU is accepting COSS® as a 3 -hour elective toward the Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Safety & Health and the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health.

Upon successful completion of the COSS® program, graduates receive:

  • The national Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) designation.
  • An OSHA 10-hour card of Completion in Construction.
  • An OSHA 10-hour card of Completion General Industry.
  • 40 contact hours / 4 continuing education credits that can go toward establishing or maintaining other certifications.

Program Content

The program consists of 40 hours of hands on, face-to-face learning, which is delivered by an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer in both Construction and General Industry. Case studies and workshops are used extensively to bring learning objectives into focus. Student presentations, daily quizzes, practical reviews and a comprehensive final exam will allow you to demonstrate your competency.


COSS® has no prerequisites for entering, therefore, in each class; we tend to have a mix of non- experienced, first time safety persons, as well as safety professionals who have been in the safety field for 20+ years. However, we have learned that regardless of the number of years of experience you have in safety, everyone leaves the COSS class with a wealth of knowledge!

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Fee: $2,299
*Dates and prices are subject to change without notice.