Energy Efficient Lighting

At Candela Systems Corporation, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality energy-efficient lighting technology available. We'll develop cost effective lighting solutions tailored to meet your business needs. Going green is not just a trend - it's a commitment from your business to ensure the preservation of the planet for future generations. Not only will sustainable energy efficient solutions preserve the Earth, but going green will bring your business a quantifiable reduction of total lighting cost.

Certified Occupational Safety Specialist® Program (COSS®)

COSS® is a training program designed by safety professionals for the entry level person, or for the experienced safety person who needs a refresher on safety.


Electrical Installations

Electrical installations range from adding low voltage communications jacks or general power outlets to full electrical renovations up to and including Electrical services. From small facilities to large industrial plants, we do it all.

Energy Management Systems

Energy management systems (EMS) conserve energy by adjusting operating hours and/or cycling equipment.

Emergency Egress Lighting Systems

Lighting the way in an emergency is an important responsibility and we have extensive experience installing effective egress lighting systems.

Stage and Theatrical Lighting Systems

Candela Systems Corporation has the experience to install the specialized lighting systems needed to make your event both glamorous and green.


90% of all Domestic Commercial Buildings were built long before today's energy efficient products

Chances are your building is one of them

Candela Systems Corporation can save you up to 60% of your electricity expenditures

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